Smart Window Blinds That Double Up As Solar Panels

A Ukrainian-based start-up has come up with a product that can reduce your energy bills by half.

SolarGaps, the smart window blinds, have inbuilt solar panels that can generate electricity using solar energy. The solar panels are capable of generating up to 100W-150W of power per m2 of a window. This much power is capable of lightning up 30 LED light bulbs and 3 laptops.

SolarGaps look like the conventional household window blinds but are, in fact, covered with solar cells.

Source: Solargaps

Yevgen Erik came up with this idea while working as a construction worker on the field. He then studied the stimulus movement of sunflower with respect to the sun. He found out that solar panels are the cheapest as well as the most effective sources of energy.

According to Yevgen Erik, SolarGaps are capable of saving up to 70% of electricity. The smart window blinds are equipped with solar cells from SunPower. Further, the blinds can withstand temperature range from -40 and + 176 °F.

Source: Solargaps

SolarGaps can easily be connected with smart devices like Echo, Google Home, and other smartphone apps. The blinds can even be put in automation mode when someone enters or leaves the room.

The first set of the SolarGaps will be shipped in September this year. When are you ordering yours?

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