Xiongan – A Modern Mega City, which runs entirely on Renewable Energy

The world’s reliance on fossil fuel can be minimized through renewable energy technologies. Access to renewable energy and its effective use in the developing world would help put an end to climate change.

Less pollution is generated from renewable energy projects in comparison to fossil fuel, greatly helping protect the environment from further damage. In addition, this facilitates the generation of jobs and greater self-reliance, which act as a cherry on the cake.

Putting these ideas in place, the new economic zone being built near Beijing in China, known as the Xiongan New Area, focuses on creating a new zone with 100% clean electricity. It is an initiative to contribute to reducing the effects of pollution.

The plan by Chinese President Xi Jinping aims to remake a backwater region into a glittering new technology and innovation hub. Press agency of the People’s Republic of China, Xinhua News Agency reported that electricity will account for more than half of the energy consumption at Xiongan. The State Grid Corp of China has established a subsidiary to facilitate grid-planning, the city plan in which streets run at right angles to each other forming a grid.

Around 2030, China wants Xiongan to achieve the status of a sustainable city as it works to cap carbon emissions, the main contributor to global warming. As a part of Jinping’s vision to shift various industries and government functions out of the capital, the nation issued the statement stating its plans to set up the new city South West of Beijing.

General Secretary of China New Energy Investment & Financing Alliance, Peng Peng said, “The new city is like a white piece of paper, it’s easy to design.” Thus, the new city would lead the way to refine the infrastructure of the existing cities.

What do you think about this new initiative?

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