This Self Driving Car is a Hotel Room!

Hotel room

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An autonomous travel suite, which appears to be a dream come true for travellers, is set to become a reality. A Toronto based designer, Steve Lee, from the Aprili Design Studio, who came up with this innovation was conferred with Radical Innovation Award by the hospitality industry for his design.

When using this suite, you will not have to pause for a food or bathroom break during your road commute as this hotel-room-on-wheels has every facility at its disposal. You will have a sleeping area with mattresses, washroom facilities with a toilet and shower, a small kitchen and even a recreation-cum-working space. If everything falls in order, this driverless travel suit will hit the roads by 2030, Steve added.

You can amble across places simply at the rental price of the suit ditching the high-end flight or train fares. Not to forget, you will also enjoy more privacy and comfort here.

Excited about this new way of travelling for holidays and for work? We are too!

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