Scientists Develop Fabric that Automatically Regulates Body Temperature

developed a fabric that automatically regulates body temperature.

As technology is growing by leaps and bounds, there is a new innovation almost every day. The latest to join the bandwagon is a fabric that regulates the body temperature according to the climatic conditions outside.

This fabric has been developed by the scientists at the University of Maryland. According to an article published in the journal Science, the scientists developed “an infrared-adaptive textile composed of polymer fibers coated with carbon nanotubes. The yarn itself expanded and collapsed based on heat and humidity, which changed the spacing of the fibers.”

This means that the fabric can adjust the heat exchange as per the climatic conditions. So, in a hot and humid place, the fabric will allow the heat to escape from the body, thereby providing a cooling effect. And in colder climates the fabric will trap the heat to keep the body warm.

“This is the first technology that allows us to dynamically gate [regulate] infrared radiation,” said YuHuang Wang, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at University of Maryland, and one of the paper’s authors.

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This means that sweaters and woollens could soon be a thing of past in coming time.

However, this ‘smart’ fabric still needs a lot of work before it can be put out in the market for consumers. But if all goes well, clothes made out of this fabric might actually help in curbing the use of air conditioners, saving electricity bills and environment.

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