This Smart Planter Can Turn Your Plant Into A Virtual Pet

Plants may not be able to express their feelings on their own but Belgian designer Vivien Mueller has now made it possible by means of technology!

He has designed a smart planter – an anthropomorphic vase, which is embedded with sensors. The embedded sensors can measure factors such as water requirement, light exposure, and soil moisture, helping you in keeping your plant healthy and happy.

This futuristic device displays 15 different emotions of your plant on a 2.4-inch LCD screen. The smart planter is named “Lua” and it comes with a motion detector too. So, if someone is moving in front of Lua, it will follow the object with its eyes. Isn’t that awesome?

Source: Mu Design

Lua can help you understand what your plant needs. For instance, if your plant is dry and needs water, it will have a sick face. If your plant gets water, it will have a happy face. If your plant is feeling cold, it will have a face with clattering teeth. If your plant is feeling hot, it will have a face full of sweat. Lua also shows 15 real-time animations that detect the plant’s health and well being.

You can also connect the smart planter to an application that is free of cost. By scanning a QR code, users can know their plant-specific needs.

Isn’t this a great use of technology? Can’t wait to get our hands on Lua!

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