New Smart Glasses in Town!

Human civilization has come a long way when it comes to inventing technologies that make our lives easier. The technological innovations are transforming our lives in a huge way, revolutionizing the way we live. Who would have thought that we’d able to get any information at the click of a button on our smartphones! The day is not far when smartphones will also become passé.

Canadian start-up North is testing newer waters in the smart gadget zone with its new range of glasses that are aptly called Focals. Priced at $600 dollars, Focals are nothing but your smartphones in your glasses. They can be used in your daily life. They are faster than your usual smartphones and give you notifications right in front of your eyes so that you are saved from the hassle of taking out your smartphones again and again.

How to Use?

What Can Focals Do?

Focals can be used to do most of the things you can do from your phone, be it reading messages, checking the time, reading calendar notifications, or checking the weather and location. And as though that’s not enough, there are other facilities too. You want to book a cab, go ahead and use these glasses! It also has Alexa integrated so you can ask questions using the glasses’ mic and speaker. Alexa can guide you by giving you the directions. The GPS notifications would pop up for five seconds and then disappear.

Is it Perfect?

No technology initially launched can give a seamless experience. There are areas that Focals needs more work on: for instance, while using the GPS, it doesn’t get rerouted quickly if one changes the path. Further, wearing the glasses all through the day can tire one’s eyes. Also, using Alexa in especially noisy surroundings may cause glitches. And sorry, you cannot browse social media using these glasses. The glasses may become loose after continuous use and the display may get out of focus. You may have to get your glasses readjusted and refocused. Wearing the glasses in the sun may cause a problem in checking the notifications on the display.

The smart glasses are far from perfect for everyday use. But, most technologies take time to become perfect. North is continuously bringing in new changes in Focals, some of which being transit updates and music controls. There is a long way to go before smart glasses become as common and as necessary as smartphones. The breakthrough efforts of the company are being lauded in the technology space and it gives us a glimpse of what the future holds for us.

Are you up for using such technology?

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