Future is now and here for Nuro’s self-driving delivery vehicles

American start-up ties up with retailer for same-day neighborhood delivery service promising utmost safety

For robotics start-up Nuro, the future is now and the place of technology is right here in people’s midst. The California-based maker of self-driving delivery vehicles is revolutionizing the retail business. The company is run by ex-employees of the former Google self-driving vehicle division (now Waymo) Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu. Nuro  found a partner in Kroger retail chain. The retailer is using these ‘designed to deliver’ vehicles for same-day neighbourhood delivery service.

effectively heads off safety concerns with an elaborate voluntary self-assessment report that details the safety features of the vehicle. The document shows how the company has built a vehicle that keeps ‘what’s outside safer than what’s inside’.

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