Amazon Becomes Most Valuable Public Company in U.S


E-commerce behemoth Amazon surpassed technology giant Microsoft to close 7th January, Monday as the world’s most valuable publically traded company in the United States. It closed the day with a market value of $796.8 billion whereas Microsoft was at $783.4 billion.

In November 2018, Microsoft had successfully surpassed Apple to clinch the coveted post. Apple now stands fourth with a market of $702 billion, with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google’s parent company Alphabet in the first three spots respectively.

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Jeff Bezos led Amazon, apart from being a dominant force in the e-commerce sphere, is an authoritative brand in the cloud business. According to reports, Amazon Web Services controls 40% of the cloud market. With its sharp focus on customer experience and innovation, Amazon is certain to consolidate its position as one of the most valued and most loved brands of modern times.

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