PUBG Season 4 Cinematic Trailer is out!

PUBG Corp announces a Cinematic Trailer for its upcoming Season 4. The season will go live on July 24.

PUBG Corp recently announced a cinematic trailer for season 4.

PUBG Season 4 trailer gives a dark narrative approach to the game. The trailer shows a kid who manages to survive a brutal war in Erangel – PUBG’s first map – and, in the present, he is overlooking the battle royale.

Season 4, which is exclusively for the PC, will show a new version of Erangel. It will have new, refreshed buildings and terrains, popular spots like Mylta Power, Prison, and Mansion have got smaller overhauls.

Apart from a few visual changes, gameplay updates like vehicle handling, boost items, and weapon damage will also be added. The full list of patch notes is added by PUBG Corp on its official website. PUBG Season 4 also has a ‘Survivor Pass: Aftermath’ that will be live for the users from 23rd July to 15th October. It’s a cooperative mission where players can play together to complete different missions. PUBG Update 4.1 is currently in the testing stage. However, it is available for download for users who want to give it a try.

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