This Italian ‘Romeo and Juliet’ met on their balconies during the pandemic

Michele and Paola. Image Source: Paola Agnelli

An Italian couple that met from their balconies during the coronavirus lockdown are now engaged to be married!

Meet lawyer Michele D’Alpaos, 38, and IT professional Paola Agnelli, 40 from Verona in Italy.

Interestingly, Verona is also the city of the famous Shakespearean saga ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Little wonder then that this couple is now being dubbed the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ of the pandemic!

We do know that Italy was one of the nations that faced the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic and was in a state of strict and complete lockdown for weeks.

This is when Michele first laid his eyes Paola from his balcony. The two had come out on their balconies to listen to the music that their neighbours were playing each evening to bring in some cheer to the otherwise melancholic atmosphere. And for Michele, it was love at first sight!

“I was immediately struck by the beauty of this girl, by her smile,” Michele said. “I had to know her.”

Paola recalls that the moment their eyes met was magical! Though she had been living in the apartment since over three decades, she had never seen Michele ever.

However, destiny clearly had other plans for them.

Now, Paola’s sister and Michele went to the same gym and told Paola Michele’s full name.

Armed with this information and inquisitive to know more about Michele, Paola began her search for Michele on various social networking sites. She found him on Instagram and that is how they became acquainted with each other.

One thing led to another and while they started off messaging each other on Instagram first, they quickly moved to texting and telephone calls.

However, the strict lockdown measures in Italy had not been curbed yet, and the two could not meet despite being just yards away from each other. They had to contain themselves to long calls that stretched into late nights.

Displaying his love for Paola openly, one day in late March, Michele hung an old bedsheet with “Paola” written on it in big, bold bubble letters from his apartment complex.

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This is exactly when the local media channels picked up their story. And this adorable story of the modern day Romeo and Juliet went viral.

Once the lockdown was lifted in early May, the two met at a local park and knew that they were meant for each other.

“We went to the gardens near the house and we kissed and hugged for the first time. We will always remember that magical moment. It was the beginning of a daily life together,” Paola said.

“I felt butterflies in my stomach for the first time,” she said.

By July, the two had met each other’s families and were engaged soon! They are now looking at a suitable time to tie the knot!

“I think that my grandfather, who was called Michele, gave me meeting Michele as a gift from heaven,” Paola said.

We can’t wait to hear the news of their wedding! Isn’t this just an amazing story of how the lockdown has been a boon for some? What do you think? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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