Swissmint creates world’s smallest gold coin!

Image Source: Swissmint

Switzerland’s Swissmint has minted the world’s smallest gold coin! And owners will be provided with a special magnifying glass to look at the famous physicist Albert Einstein, who is imprinted on the coin.

This new 1/4-franc gold coin weighs a mere 0.063 grams, which is 1/500th of an ounce, and has a diameter of 2.96 mm. It has been designed by Remo Mascherini, an engraver at Swissmint.

On its obverse face, Albert Einstein with his tongue sticking out is seen, with the year 2020 imprinted. Einstein lived in Switzerland for close to two decades, from 1895 to 1914. He completed his studies from ETH in Zurich in 1900. Subsequently, he was granted Swiss citizenship and then began working as a technical expert in the Patent Office in Bern. It was in 1905 that Einstein published four groundbreaking papers that substantially contributed towards modern physics and changed the way it was perceived.

The reverse side of the coin displays the nominal value of 1/4 franc along with the trademark Swiss cross and the inscription ‘Helvetia.’

Remarkably, the images on the coin are not discernible to the naked eye. But, Swissmint has a solution to this too. The coin has been specially packaged along with magnifying lenses and light, making certain that one can inspect the gold coin while keeping it stored carefully.

Only 999 pieces of the coin have been made and it will be sold for 199 francs each.

Read more about the coin here. Want to buy it too? Go ahead, click on the link and get your hands on this wonderful coin!

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