Positive news about the coronavirus outbreak from across the world

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At a time when the entire world is being engulfed with distressing news on the spread of the coronavirus, we are wanting to bring to you all the positive news with respect to the same.

Of course, this is only a silver lining and things are far from perfect now. But, isn’t the hope for a safer and better future the only thing that will keep us going in these tough times?

Read on for some positive news about the Covid-19 outbreak from various parts of the world.

The pollution levels across China and Italy have tremendously reduced thanks to the lockdowns.

There has been an unlikely beneficiary of the global lockdowns that many nations are seeing – it is the planet Earth. Satellite images from NASA and the European Space Agency have shown a massive drop in the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere as a result of the lockdowns. The shutdown of factories as well as industries and fewer people using vehicles have all contributed towards this.

Satellite images from the European Space Agency and NASA show a dramatic reduction in the amount of harmful greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. The top image from January shows high levels of NO2 over northern Italy. By March (bottom) that had almost disappeared. Image Source: ESA

Scientists also claim that thousands of lives have been saved due to this reduction in pollution, which would otherwise have deleterious consequences for those patients with pre-existing respiratory conditions.

Older people, even those with preexisting conditions, are recovering

While older people, particularly those with preexisting conditions, are susceptible to the virus, there are multiple reports of how people over the 80+ age range are recovering and doing very well.

According to Xinhua, a 100-year-old man with multiple preexisting conditions such as hypertension and heart disorders recovered and was discharged from a hospital in Wuhan, which was the epicenter of the virus.

Similarly, 89-year-old Eugene Campbell from Kirkland, Washington recovered just five days after he was detected with the covid-19.

The last temporary hospital to accommodate coronavirus patients in Wuhan has closed

In Wuhan, which is widely known to be the epicenter of the virus, two hospitals were built in a matter of a few weeks to accommodate the massive surge in patients with Covid-19. However, by mid-March, these hospitals were shut down due to a lack of new cases.

In a video that went viral, doctors and medical workers were seen smiling and taking off their masks to celebrate the closing of the last temporary hospital.

The first coronavirus vaccine trials in the United States have begun

The United States began phase one of the clinical trials of an investigational vaccine against the coronavirus. The trials began at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle; however, experts say that it will still take months to understand whether this vaccine would work.

The first person to be administered the vaccine was 43-year-old mother-of-two Jennifer Haller.

Philanthropists across the world are donating to stop the spread of the virus

Chinese billionaire and founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma has donated thousands of testing kits and surgical masks to nations across the world to help them battle this deadly virus. Meanwhile, co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates has also pledged millions to mitigate the effects of the virus.

Brands are making hand sanitisers for health workers free of cost

French conglomerate LVHM, the owner of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Givenchy, has pledged to produce free hand sanitizers for French health authorities in times when there is an acute shortage of sanitizers. These gels will be delivered to French health authorities and the Assistance Publique-Hospitaux de Paris, a network of 39 teaching hospitals that treats more than 8 million patients each year.

Yes, there are times of distress and trouble. However, we must remember that these tough times will pass and that together, we will emerge victorious.

Keep reading to keep abreast of more such positive news from across the world.

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