Portland’s ‘Avenue of Roses’ wins 2020 LensCulture Street Photography Awards

Image Source: Kevin Fletcher

The winners of the sixth edition of the LensCulture Street Photography Awards were announced recently. And the winning pictures are magnificent, to say in the least.

Hundreds of photographers across five continents submitted their photographs, and the jury picked up 6 top Winners, 8 special Juror’s Picks, and 25 Finalists from the entries.

Photographer Kevin Fletcher from the United States won the first place as the Series Winner for his work on a series called ‘Avenue of Roses.’ This series of pictures depicts the rampant urban growth in Portland, Oregon and the beautiful photos were captured in a street called ‘Avenue of Roses.’

“I am drawn to the sublime beauty and stories that exist in places like this, places so normal, so daily, and so banal that we tend to overlook them,” Fletcher said.

The second place in the series awards was awarded to German photographer Toby Binder for the series titled ‘Wee Muckers – Youth of Belfast’

Image Source: Toby Binder

The third place was awarded to Micheal McIlvaney of the United Kingdom for his series ‘Subordinate.’

Image Source: Michael McIlvaney

The winners of all these awards are due to exhibited in Paris in November 2020, on the same weekend as that of the Paris Photo 2020, one of the largest international art fair dedicated to photography.

To see the winning pictures in all categories, click here.

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