Nepal Man Climbs Everest for 23rd Time, Sets Record

Image Source: ThePrint

Kami Rita Sherpa, a 49-year old veteran guide for mountaineers to Mount Everest, has set a record for climbing the Everest a record number of times. He has now climbed the highest peak in the world a staggering 23 times! In the process, he broke his own record of climbing the 8,850 metres peak – last year, he climbed it for a record 22nd time.

Kami Rita reached the peak of Mount Everest for the 23rd time on 15th May.

Born in 1970, he hails from the Thame village of Solukhumbu district in eastern Nepal. Mountain climbing runs in Kami Rita’s blood as his father was also a Sherpa, people who are renowned for their excellent mountaineering skills. Also, his brother has scaled the Everest 17 times.

Kami Rita has been climbing Mount Everest for more than two decades now and started in 1994. Since then, he has been scaling the mountain almost every year. In 1995, he did not scale the summit after one of the deadliest avalanches caused the death of many expedition teams. Also, in 2015, he did not scale the summit due to one of the deadliest earthquakes that hit Nepal.

In 2017, he equalled the record of Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi Sherpa for climbing the summit 21 times. However, the two have now retired from mountain climbing.

Apart from the Everest, Kami Rita has also successfully climbed other dangerous and high peaks across the world such as K-2, Lhotse, Annapurna, Cho-Oyu, and Manaslu.

Isn’t this an awe-inspiring story of resilience, fortitude, and mental and physical strength? Do let us know your views on this!

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