Meet Kismet, the Chihuahua that comforts patients at a California dentist office

Image Source: Debra Garrett

Few things in the world are more dreadful than visiting a dentist. The anxiety in anticipation of the stress, pain, and discomfort can unnerve the strongest of people.

And dentists Dr. Cameron Garrett and his wife, Debra Garrett at the Corte Madera Family Dentistry in California understand the fear and distress that people face when coming to a dentist.

And so, they came up with a very simple and innovative solution to assuage their patients’ anxiety.

They brought in Kismet, a 13-year-old Chihuahua, to comfort the perturbed patients while their teeth are being worked upon!

Despite being a stray that has had numerous health issues such as a hernia, a heart disease, and a cancerous tumour, the magnanimous and loving Kismet loves giving out cuddles to patients.

“After working so long in the industry you begin to understand quickly you’re just as much of a psychiatrist as you are a dentist,” Cameron Garrett told CNN. “Everybody brings some anxiety or baggage into the dental environment, and the science is very clear. Interacting with an animal, having physical contact with a pet really lowers the blood pressure and heart rate and makes it a much calmer moment.”‘

When patients that are scared of dogs visit the clinic, the doctors ensure that Kismet is put in a cage. However, most of the patients are delighted to have Kismet around to provide them with the much needed relief.

Kismet is not the first dog that the Garretts have used in their clinic. Half a decade ago, they adopted Karma, who was with them for four years and helped to comfort hundreds of anxious patients. Unfortunately, it passed away last year and then came in Kismet.

Ahhh! Don’t we wish that all hospitals and healthcare centres have pets? Wouldn’t that be more therapeutic? Do let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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