Loving Dolphin brings presents for humans in exchange for meal

Image Source: Barnacles Cafe and Dolphin Feeding centre

Nature is mystical and is home to many awe-inspiring and fascinating creatures.

Here is an example of one of those!

Mystique is an adorable 29-year-old male humpback Dolphin and is a favorite at the Barnacles Café and Dolphin Feeding centre on Queensland’s Cooloola Coast. He lives near Tin Can Bay near the Sunshine Coast, a very popular spot for tourists to feed the local dolphins.

But why is he such a favorite?

Mystique has this charming habit of bringing his visitors and the feeding volunteers some great treasures from the bottom of the ocean, which include antique bottles, timber, shells, and corals.

“He gets under it [and] if he drops it too far out, or we say ‘come on, that’s not good enough’, then he gets underneath it and brings it to us,” said dolphin feeding volunteer Lyn McPherson.

With the amount of gifts that he brings, the volunteers are almost sure that he has a stash of treasure buried somewhere!

A collection of the items Mystique has brought in for volunteers at Tin Can Bay.
Image Source: Barnacles Cafe And Dolphin Feeding

And would you believe that he developed this habit without any training from the staff?

Now, however, the generous staff reward him with some delicious fish treats for his stupendous efforts.

And while Mystique has exhibited this behaviour since long, dolphin feeding volunteers have vouched that this pattern of activity had increased when the center was closed to tourists during the coronavirus pandemic. Looks like humans are not the only ones craving for some interaction, attention, treats, and love during these tough times!

“Since we’ve been closed to the public he has been doing it more and more. Sometimes he will bring 10, one at a time, and he will line them up as he has to get fish,” McPherson admitted.

Interestingly, there are seven dolphins in the wild dolphin feeding program but Mystique is the only one that has this generous habit.

Isn’t Mystique truly mystical? Let us know your views on this adorable dolphin in the comments section below.

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