Lonely otter finds love through online dating site!

Apricot and Harris. Image Source: www.sealsanctuary.co.uk

If you thought that only you could access Tinder and find the love of your life, think again!

Harris, a 10-year old short-clawed otter at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, England, has found a partner through an online dating site set up exclusively for him!

After four blissful years, Harris was alone post the demise of his 16-year-old partner, otter Apricot. And he seemed to get back to his bachelor lifestyle.

But because he was such an amazing partner and was lost after Apricot’s death, his animal care team at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary decided to find him love again.

So, in the hope of finding Harris his perfect match, they set up an interesting dating profile for Harris on a mock dating website that they called ‘Fishing For Love’ and highlighted Harris’ amazing qualities and all that he has to offer.

“Looking to find my significant otter. I am very attentive, I love a cuddle, and I am a very good listener,” the profile said. “I will love you like no otter.”

Image Source: www.sealsanctuary.co.uk

And they were absolutely thrilled to find a response soon!

Pumpkin, a female otter at Scarborough SEA LIFE, lost her partner Eric recently and was also looking for a mate! And she turned out to be the perfect other half for Harris.

Now, the pairing of otters can be a little tricky and the best way to ensure a good pairing is to introduce the male into the territory of the female so that the male can submit to the female easily on the first meeting.

So, now, Harris will soon be moving to Pumpkin’s enclosure in Scarborough soon.

Todd German, display curator at SEA LIFE Scarborough said “After having recently losing her best friend Eric, Pumpkin has been extremely lonely so we are delighted that Harris will be coming to join her at SEA LIFE Scarborough and hope his arrival will provide Pumpkin with comfort and companionship.”

The animal care team at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary will, however, keep in touch with Harris to check on how his pairing with Pumpkin proceeds. And the team at the Scarborough SEA LIFE are delighted to welcome Harris and be able to care for him.

What do you think of this adorable story of Harris finding his significant ‘otter’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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