Kangaroo spotted hopping though empty streets of Adelaide

Image Source: Pixabay

With most people off the roads and streets due to the lockdown imposed by governments across the world, new visitors are seen walking, running, and even hopping on them!

Recently, police in South Australia spotted a kangaroo hopping around, taking a trip of a deserted street in heart of downtown Adelaide – one of the most populous and busy cities of Australia – during the lockdown.

The police quickly put up a video of this interesting visitor, joking that they “tracked a suspect wearing a grey fur coat hopping through the heart of the Adelaide CBD.”

It had a close shave with a car, managing to just avoid it and then hopped off through the empty streets.

Don’t such videos sometimes make you believe that we humans have so mercilessly encroached the habitat of these wonderful creatures that they come in only when we are not around?

What do you think about this new visitor exploring the city? Do let us know your views in the comments section below.

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