India’s Youngest Organ Donor, A Two-Year-Old Boy

A two-year-old boy has become the youngest donor of heart in India, the recipient was another two-year-old boy. The surgery was performed by the doctors from Fortis Malar Hospital of the Tamil Nadu state’s Chennai city.

The donor was a two-year-old boy from Mumbai city who suffered irreversible brain damage on 10th February this year. The child saved the lives of six people by donating his organs. Out of the six recipients, four were children.

The two-year-old heart transplant recipient was suffering from bouts of breathlessness because of dilated cardiomyopathy. The child’s condition didn’t improve despite medication. The State Transplant Registry registered the child for a possible heart donor.

The team of surgeons who performed the critical transplant considered the surgery “difficult and challenging” because of the age of the patient. Finding suitable donors for infant and child patients is difficult.

The full cost of the surgery and the post-operative care was covered under the Comprehensive Health Insurance scheme.

In a world where organ donation is still considered a taboo, examples like these help in giving out the message wide and clear that hope is still alive for millions of people waiting to get a new lease of life. The impact of organ donation is more than one can ever imagine. Both living and deceased people can donate organs like eyes, intestines, kidneys, tendons, liver, heart, lungs, pancreas and skin tissue. There is a huge gap between demand and supply for organ donation across the globe. Join the league to fill it.

“Recycle yourself, become an organ donor.”

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