India celebrates 73rd Independence Day!

Image Source: Google

Today, on 15th August, the South Asian nation of India is celebrating its 73rd Independence Day.

It was today, in 1947, when the parliament of the United Kingdom passed the Indian Independence Act of 1947, which transferred the legislative powers to the Indian Constituent Assembly. Thus, India gained independence after 200 years of British rule.

In the seven decades since independence, India has grown manifold and is currently one of the nations in the world with the fastest-growing economy. It has made massive strides in the fields of science, technology, education, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Google celebrated this day with a vibrant doodle with motifs that showcase the diverse aspects of India. Created by Indian-born artist Shaivalini Kumar, the doodle shows sketches of the Parliament House to depict democracy, the ISRO Mars mission to show the progress of India in science and technology, and the Metro Rail and the autorickshaw to show the growing infrastructure. The motley of motifs includes a tiger, a lotus, and a kite in the Indian tricolours.

The Indian Independence Day is marked by an address to the nation by the Prime Minister at the historic Red Fort in the capital Delhi, the unfurling of the national flag, along with festivities, cultural events, and parades.

We wish all our Indian readers a very happy Independence Day!


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