Google pledges $6.5 million to fight coronavirus misinformation

Image Source: UNAIDS

The tremendous amount of data that is freely available on the internet can spread much misinformation, especially in these troubling times. People consuming this information find it difficult to differentiate between credible, reliable information and the untrustworthy news, often getting lost in the vast amount of data.

To mitigate this problem, Google has pledged $6.5 million in funding to help fight misinformation. The amount is to be used to fund fact-checkers and nonprofit organization across the world that are combating misinformation with respect to the coronavirus pandemic.

This initiative is being spearheaded by Google News Initiative (GNI), which is providing support to First Draft, a nonprofit organization that empowers the community by providing it with accurate information. Also, Google is providing assistance to several organizations across nations such as Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and the United States to reduce the spread of spurious and misleading information.

Additionally, the GNI is working with organizations to create a global data resource that might help reporters and journalists across the world working on the COVID-19. This will help such reporters to bring out data-backed stories and news pieces to help combat the virus.

Also, Google is making Google Trends available to health organizations and local authorities so that they understand the information needs of the general public and act accordingly.

Read the entire post by Google here.

We believe that the need of the hour is for people to read genuine information. And, this is a great initiative by Google to counter misinformation and spread as much reliable data to the community. What do you think?

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