Google Pays Tribute to French Playwright and Actor Moliere


Google celebrated the works of Moliere, the famous French playwright and actor, by means of a doodle. It was on this day in 1673 that his final play, Le Malade Imaginaire (The Imaginary Invalid) was premiered. The doodle provides showcases scenes from his finest plays such as The Imaginary Invalid, School for Wives, The Miser, and Don Juan.

Born Jean-Baptiste Poquelin in Paris, Moliere has widely been renowned as one of the greatest writers in French literature, especially in the genre of comic drama. His father was one of the furnishers of the royal household and wanted his son to follow his footsteps. However, Moliere’s calling was the stage. In his career of over 50 years in theatre, he wrote and acted in some iconic plays. It is only symbolic that he collapsed on stage when performing Le Malade Imaginaire, and died a few hours later.

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The fact that his plays have been translated into almost every major language is a testimony to his genius as a playwright. Even today, his plays inspire satirists and comedians across the world.

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