#Flashback2020: Have a look at what trended on Google in 2020!

Google released its list of what was trending in the world in 2020 in various categories such as news, people, athletes, actors, concerts, and games, among many others.

It is no surprise that ‘coronavirus’ was listed first in the searches. This was followed by ‘election results’, the famous NBA icon ‘Kobe Bryant’, the videoconferencing app ‘Zoom’, and ‘IPL.’

In terms of people, President-elect of the United States Joe Biden topped the most searched people list. He was followed by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, which could have been due to the rumors of his illness and death. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson was third followed by Vice-President elect of the United States Kamala Harris. Actor Tom Hanks rounded off the top 5 most searched people.

Tom Hanks topped the list of most searched actors, which could be, in part, due to him contracting the coronavirus. He also openly spoke about his battle with the virus and urged people to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and wash hands. Hanks was followed by Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix, Indian Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan, English actor, producer, and director Ricky Gervais, and American actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

With most people at home due to the lockdowns, cooking was a hobby many across the world pursued. Dalgona coffee trended all through 2020, becoming the most searched recipe. This was followed by the Greek dessert Ekmek, sourdough bread, pizza, and the Turkish pizza Lahmacun.

Here are the top trending searches in each category:

1. Coronavirus
2. Election results
3. Kobe Bryant
4. Zoom
5. IPL
Kobe Bryant. Image Source: USA Today Sports
1. Coronavirus
2. Election results
3. Iran
4. Beirut
5. Hantavirus
1. Joe Biden
2. Kim Jong-un
3. Boris Johnson
4. Kamala Harris
5. Tom Hanks
Kamala Harris. Image Source: Reuters
1. Tom Hanks
2. Joaquin Phoenix
3. Amitabh Bachchan
4. Ricky Gervais
5. Jada Pinkett Smith
1. Ryan Newman
2. Michael Jordan
3. Tyson Fury
4. Tom Brady
5. Mike Tyson
Micheal Jordan. Image Source: FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images)
1. WAP
2. Sava Love
4. Skechers
5. Dynamite
1. Parasite
2, 1917
3. Black Panther
4. 365 Dni
5. Contagion
1. Together At Home concert
2. Fire Fight Australia concert
3. Garth Brooks drive in concert
4. Travis Scott Fortnite concert
5. BTS online concert
TV Shows
1. Tiger King
2. Big Brother Brasil
3. Money Heist
4. Cobra Kai
5. The Umbrella Academy
1. Dalgona coffee
2. Ekmek
3. Sourdough bread
4. Pizza
5. Lahmacun
Dalgona Coffee Image Source: BBC
2020 has been an unprecedented and unusual year. We hope 2021 brings back some normalcy in our lives!
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