During lockdown, Irish fisherman befriends lonely dolphin

Jimmy Flannery is greeted by Fungie the dolphin off the coast of Dingle, Co Kerry, while out in his boat. Image Source: Domnick Walsh

Did you think that it is just humans that are feeling lonely and isolated due to the lockdown? Think again!

Fungie, the famous male common bottlenose dolphin that resides off the west Kerry coast since close to four decades, was not seeing any visitors around due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdowns. Obviously, without all the attention from awe-struck people who photographed and adored him, he was growing lonely without any human interaction.

And in came Jimmy Flannery as a saviour for good ol’ Fungie.

Jimmy is a very experienced fisherman and is associated with local fishermen’s groups. A resident from Dingle, a town in County Kerry in Ireland, he also runs the Dingle Sea Safari.

He and the other fishermen noticed that Fungie was not his usual cheerful self lately and he’d speed over to the ships and boats that were departing, expecting some company and attention from them.

And Jimmy wanted to do something to make this gentle animal happier!

Now, he visits Fungie every single day just to keep him company! Not to mention, Fungie is delighted with this human interaction and greets Jimmy with much enthusiasm and energy!

Isn’t this lovely? Wish more people would be empathetic towards all other beings that inhabit the Earth. Wouldn’t the world be a better place to live in?

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