Do you want to get paid to stay away from your screens? Enter this challenge NOW!

Image Source: Your Teen Magazine

Do you want to unplug from all electronic devices and screens but you are not motivated enough to do so? Here is your chance!, an organization that tests home products and services, is now offering a unique challenge. It is called the Digital Detox Challenge!

As per this challenge, the organization will offer $2,400 to go 24 hours without technology!

To win this challenge, you are required to disconnect from all personal technology for a period of 24 hours – no cell phones, no computers or laptops, no TVs, no smart watches, and no gaming consoles or handheld gaming devices. You will be provided with a safe to store your tech in for 24 hours.

You will, thankfully, be provided a $200 Amazon gift card to put together a tech-less survival kit – it can include anything that will help you survive those 24 hours without technology. You can purchase board games, books, stationery, and art supplies. After the challenge, you are required to submit screen time reports to prove that you did, indeed, go a full 24 hours without your tech.

To apply for the challenge, you must submit the application form on the website, which asks you a few basic questions that include how addicted you are to technology, and why you are the right candidate to apply for this challenge.

The registrations for this unique challenge are open until 26th March, and the challengers will be announced on the 29th March.

In these times of the pandemic, screens are omnipresent. Right from doing classes to attending meetings, people of all ages are using technology and screen usage is only increasing. Would you believe that research shows that the majority of us check our phones once every nine minutes (160 times a day)! Isn’t that appalling? Don’t you think that needs to change?

We cannot wait to enter this challenge, and get rid of our screen obsession. How about you?

To read more about the challenge and apply for it, click here.

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