COVID-19 ward nurse proposes to girlfriend using PPE kit

Image Source: Giuseppe Pungente/Facebook

The pandemic has taught us to be empathetic, kind, patient, resilient, and innovative too!

And why do we say innovative?

Read on to know…

Giuseppe Pungente is a male nurse in the COVID-19 ward of the Ostuni hospital in Puglia in Italy. Recently, he proposed to his girlfriend for marriage with the big question written on the back of his PPE kit!

He shared a picture of himself on Facebook wearing the PPE kit with his back facing the camera.

“Carmeli, do you want to marry me?” was the message written on the back of Pungente’s gown, with a “Yes” and “No” underneath.

And so innovative was the proposal that his post soon went viral, with thousands appreciating him for the idea.

The icing on the cake was that his girlfriend responded to his Facebook post with a YESSSS!

But then, who wouldn’t to this innovative proposal?

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