Canadian woman creates massive blue snow dragon in her driveway to spread cheer

Image Source: Mel Thompson /

Mel Thompson from Saskatoon in Canada is certainly a good samaritan!

For three years now, Mel has been creating interesting dragon-like creatures from all the snow that accumulates in her driveway. And this year, thanks to the copious amount of snow, she created an even bigger dragon, added up some blue food colour to it, and gave it an amazing name – Snow-vid!

“I used some buckets and basically just my hands and shaped it into how I wanted it to look and I put some food colouring and water in a spray bottle and made it blue,” Thompson told CKOM.

Six feet high and twenty feet long, Snow-vid has been attracting a lot of attention in the neighbourhood. Mel admits that on some days, close to 500 people stop by to take a picture with it.

“The response has been amazing,” said Mel. “A lot of people have been coming out to see him.”

But all this did come with much effort and time. Snow-vid took a couple hours a night for roughly a week to complete.

And why did she put in all this effort and time? To bring some much needed cheer and happiness in otherwise bleak times!

Image Source: CBC Saskatchewan

Mel says this was totally worth her effort as nothing can compare to the delight and excitement that she sees in people who come to visit Snow-vid.

“The looks on their faces is great,” said Mel. “You get one or two responses either they are absolutely terrified or they just love it, and they don’t want to leave.”

Isn’t Mel’s effort commendable? What do you think? Let us know your views in the comments section below!

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