8th June is World Oceans Day

Image Source: World Oceans Day

8th June is commemorated as World Oceans Day by the United Nations. This day seeks to bring more awareness about the crucial role that oceans play in the lives of humankind, to show the impact of human activity on oceans, and to bring about ways for the sustainable management of oceans.

The theme for World Oceans Day 2019

The focus for World Oceans Day 2019 is ‘Gender and the Ocean.’ This theme seeks to promote gender equality in all activities related to the oceans such as marine scientific research, labour at the seas, fisheries, and policy-making and management of the oceans.

History of the World Oceans Day

The idea of the ‘World Oceans Day’ was proposed way back in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was only much later that the United Nations General Assembly pronounced 8th June as World Oceans Day on 5th December 2008.

Why are Oceans Important?

Facts about Oceans

Here are some awe-inspiring facts about oceans that all of us must be aware of

Despite all the benefits that oceans provide, we humans have been very cruel to them. This World Oceans Day, let us promise to not misuse the assets that we have been provided with. Rather, let us pledge to use these resources judiciously so that our future generations can also live in peace and happiness.

Happy World Oceans Day everyone!

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