1st March is Zero Discrimination Day

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1st March is observed as Zero Discrimination Day by the United Nations “to create a global movement of solidarity to end al forms of discrimination.” This day celebrates the basic right of every person to live a productive life without facing any form of discrimination and bias. It also seeks to spread awareness on promoting inclusion, compassion, and peace in the world so that people live in harmony.

Theme for 2020 Zero Discrimination Day 

The theme for the Zero Discrimination Day for 2020 is ‘Zero Discrimination against women and girls.’

According to the UN website, “on Zero Discrimination Day this year, UNAIDS is challenging the discrimination faced by women and girls in all their diversity in order to raise awareness and mobilize action to promote equality and empowerment for women and girls.”

History of the Zero Discrimination Day

The first Zero Discrimination Day was observed by the United Nations on 1st March 2014. This was when the UNAIDS, a United Nations program on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), launched its Zero Discrimination Campaign on World AIDS Day in December 2013.

We wish all our readers a very Happy Zero Discrimination Day. Here is wishing and hoping that the world gets free of all forms of religious, gender, cultural, and societal discrimination soon.

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