15th July is World Youth Skills Day

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15th July is observed as World Youth Skills Day by the United Nations.

Why is World Youth Skills Day observed?

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness and highlight the importance of youth skills development in addressing many challenging global issues and investing to help the youth gain the necessary skills. It also aims to highlight the problem of unemployment among the youth and the steps that economies must take to successfully control this problem.

In today’s world, most economies across the world are facing the problem of youth unemployment. According to the United Nations, 73 million youth are currently unemployed. It is also reported that many employers believe that youth are not appropriately skilled to be a part of the workforce.

This day seeks to mitigate the problems faced by the youth with respect to the skill demands of today’s jobs and help them make a smooth transition into the workforce.

The first World Youth Skills Day was observed in 2015.

Theme for World Youth Skills Day 2019

The theme for the World Youth Skills Day 2019 is ‘Learning to learn for life and work.’


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