World Photography Day 2019: Know more about its significance & history

World Photography Day 2019

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World Photography Day 2019 is held annually on 19th August. Every day and every hour, millions of pictures are uploaded on the internet. World Photography Day 2019 encourages people across the globe to showcase their feelings through their photography skills.

Significance of World Photography Day

World Photography Day kickstarted with the invention of the daguerreotype. The photographic process was developed by Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1837. The daguerreotype was announced by the French Academy of Science On January 9, 1839. The French government purchased the patent rights of the daguerreotype and announced, on 19th August 1939, the photographic process as a gift for the people without copyright.

First Selfie of the world

Robert Cornelius in 1839 clicked the first selfie of the world. Certainly, at that time, he had no idea that this kind of picture will be labelled as a ‘selfie’. He kept his camera at a place and removed the lens cap. He ran into the frame and captioned it as “The first light Picture ever taken 1839.”

Source: Wikipedia

Importance of World Photography Day

The purpose of World Photography Day is to encourage people to explore and share the beautiful landscapes, dynamic monuments, and vibrant food shots from their respective cities.

World Photography Day is not just for people who are pro at photography but also for those that are amateur and want to learn and better this skill.

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