US Grants Approval to Google for Radar-Based Hand Motion Sensor

Project soli

U.S regulators have given their approval to Google’s radar-based motion sensing device known as Project Soli. The Soli sensors require higher power levels than currently allowed but these will serve public interest by providing innovative device control features using touchless hand gesture technology. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), hence, has approved of the sensor and has allowed the operation of the sensors aboard aircrafts only if they comply with Federal Aviation Administration rules overseeing portable electronic devices.

The virtual tools can estimate the precision of natural human hand motion and the sensors can be implanted in wearables, phones, computers and vehicles. 

Project Soli will be extremely beneficial to people suffering from mobility and speech impairments as the sensors seize motion in a three-dimensional space by using a radar beam, which activates touchless control of functions or features. Soli allows users to press an invisible button between the thumb and index-fingers or a virtual dial that activates by rubbing a thumb against the index finger.


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