This 11-Year-Old Crochets for a Good Cause

This 11-year-old crochets for a good cause

Crocheting is not a hobby; it is a lifestyle. It grows into an obsession as you keep entangling your life with the yarn. Well, who knows it better than Jonah Larson, who is now a viral crocheting phenomenon. 11-year-old Jonah found a crocheting hook in a box of craft stash when he was five years old and thought he must give it a try after watching a tutorial video on YouTube. He was irrepressibly passionate about crocheting when he began his journey. But little did he know that he would become a crocheting prodigy in future!

As destiny had it, Jonah Larson’s became an internet celebrity for his crocheting skills. Over the years, he has created innumerable crochet projects ranging from scarves, blankets, mermaid ‘legs,’ to stuffed Octopi. Clearly, there is no stopping Jonah!

Jonah’s mother, Jennifer Larson said that it was completely his decision to embrace this hobby and that he practises it for four to five hours a day. She further told the Lacrosse Tribune, “He is much more fascinated to see what beautiful thing he can make from that string of yarn than playing a video game.” Isn’t that amazing for a kid that is just eleven?

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Jonah loves to snuggle up in a little corner of his house after coming back from school and use his imagination in his crafts to create some crochet masterpieces. The hassles of a chaotic day in school wear thin as he crochets in solitude.

Guess what, Jonah has his own Instagram account and Etsy shop, where he shares the glimpses of his awesome creations. His masterpieces are also up for grabs in the Etsy e-store.

His mother is his mainstay in this venture and helps him run the business. Sadly though, the Etsy shop is temporarily closed owing to the extremely high demand that followed the viral news coverage. Jonah’s Instagram followers are growing leaps and bounds now but until January 15, his Instagram account under the handle @jonahhands had less than 2,500 followers. Surprisingly, in a matter of one month, the number has grown to 105,000! And we are certain that these numbers are only going to increase sharply.

Jonah’s mother Jennifer Larson has been sharing excerpts from the news coverage on her Facebook Page, where Jonah continuously updates his projects. In a wonderful gesture, Jonah sends across some of his earnings to the orphanage in Ethiopia where he lived as an infant before he was adopted by the Larsons.

An elated Jennifer said that Jonah is learning to manage his money and make pragmatic choices with his proceeds. But then, who would not be proud of such a virtuous son!

Jonah wishes to become a surgeon when he grows up, he told NPR. As morning shows the day, Jonah’s eloquence and fine motor skills as a kid hint at his glorious future.

Check out his Instagram account to see his amazing creations!

Jonah’s fantastic skills, perseverance, integrity, and honesty leave us speechless. What do you have to say about this virtuous prodigy? Do let us know!

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