The Much Awaited Hoverbikes to be Launched Soon

Hover Bikes

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Brace yourselves for the much awaited flying motorcycles – Hoverbikes that are soon to be launched. Those with deep pockets will be thrilled to know that a California company recently declared the commencement of deliveries of these bikes towards the first half of 2019. Priced at $150,000, the Hoversurf S3 resembles a cross-breed between a motorcycle with a quadcopter.

These are capacitated to hold one person whilst a pair of joysticks are authorized to control the four horizontally mounted electric propellers. Hoverbikes, as revealed by the manufacturer, can scale up to 60 miles in an hour. They can also scale up to 60 miles in an hour and soar over about 16 feet, deemed as a ‘safe-altitude’ by the company. 

Driven by lithium-manganese-nickel batteries, this carbon-fibre craft will require no license to fly. Furthermore, two key highlights of these bikes are their low-weight and low speed.

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