Teacher creates innovative and safe solution to hug students!

Kelsey Pavelka was safely able to hug her students thanks to a plastic barrier made by her wife. (Picture: Facebook)

With the coronavirus creating havoc across the world, social and physical distancing have become a norm. And these norms, in all likelihood, will stay for months to come.

But, with hugs and touches becoming a thing of the past, the world is not the same anymore. The warmth and comfort that many people need by means of hugs is now missing.

Kelsey Pavelka, an elementary teacher in Indiana, was missing hugging her second-grade students, whom she teaches at Muncie in Indiana. And so, her wife, Shelby Pavelka created a super innovative and extremely safe solution to ensure that her wife could be reunited with her students.

Using some inventiveness and creativity, Shelby put into place around 12 reusable bags to make a plastic barrier, with arm holes on the front door of their home. This ‘Quarantine Hugs’ set up also has a stool for the second graders to climb upon. It also has a container for a range of disinfectants.

Recently, more than a dozen of Pavelka’s students visited her home and were, understandably, ecstatic to see their dual language teacher.

Image Source: Kelsey Pavelka

“Most students ran up to my door squealing!,” Pavelka told CNN. “Then we hug a bunch of times and talk about all the things we’ve been doing. There’s usually a lot of jokes told and dance moves on display!”

Pavelka admitted that she came up with this idea from TikTok, where she saw people using similar methods to hug their family members and friends.

Post the hug, Pavelka ensures that the students clean the plastic barrier, the stool, and also wipe off all the containers of the disinfectants.

Isn’t this a beautiful way of maintaining contact with students without putting anyone at risk? The world needs more safe hugs in these troubling times.

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