Sweet Success: Malaysian Firm’s Sticker Solution Reduces Fruit Spoilage

Stixfresh's Organic Sticker Contains Ingredients that Suppress Ripening Compound Ethylene and Prevent Mold Growth.

A Malaysian firm has developed a sticker solution to prevent fruit spoilage. This invention promises sweeter days for fruit buffs, a report says. So, Stixfresh’s organic sticker keeps fruits fresh and juicy for 14 days. The firm claims that it works on a range of fruit varieties including mango, apple, pear, avocado, and citrus fruits.

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The sticker’s ingredients of sodium chloride and beeswax suppress ethylene, the hormone that hastens the ripening process. The ingredients also kill molds that aggravate spoilage. Stixfresh’s founder Zhafri Zainudin says he wants fruit industry across Asia and the West to adopt the solution to stop fruit spoilage.

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