Snowball Planets Might Harvest Life

Snowball planets are those bodies that are considered uninhabitable and which cannot support life. On such planets, all the oceans are covered in ice.

However, according to scientists at the University of Toronto, snowball planets can harbour a better life than we thought. The traces of habitable lands at few frozen lands indicate that there might be life possible at these unknown lands. According to the research by scientists, extraterrestrial life might be possible on such icy lands.

Due to hostile environmental conditions, it was earlier believed that such snowball planets could not have a trace of life. Ideally, the planets like Earth, where life can exist, are called temperate planets. These planets have the right atmospheric gases composition and water that make them perfect for supporting life. However, recent studies clearly prove this assumption wrong.

According to researchers at the University of Toronto, snowball planets present near the equators have patches of land with the right atmospheric temperatures to support life. “There are planets that we have been considering not habitable but actually they have traces of the land present,” said Adiv Paradise, a scientist at the University of Toronto.

Isn’t this an amazing revelation?

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