NASA Invites People to Share Pictures to Celebrate Earth Day

Image Source: World Atlas

22nd April is celebrated as Earth Day each year.

To mark this occasion, NASA has invited people from across the world to share their idea of Mother Earth through pictures. So, all you have to do is share beautiful pictures that best encapsulate the essence of Mother Earth – they could be magnificent waves, resplendent flowers, mystical insects, or stunning sunsets.

In essence, you have to show why Mother Earth is special! You must also use the hashtag ‘#PictureEarth’ and include the location where the picture was taken.

NASA will comb through all posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that use the hashtag. It will then use the best photos from among the entries in its videos and composite images.

Read more about the event here.

We are already putting our artistic caps on for this event. How about you?

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