Device to Fight Rhino Poaching Developed

Device to fight rhino poaching developed

In a bid to reduce poaching of the already dwindling rhinoceros, French company Sigfox has developed a tiny tracker. This can be inserted in the horns of these animals and its sensors can be used to track the exact location of these species. These sensors can also caution the wildlife keepers of a rhino approaching a location where it can be vulnerable to poaching and other malpractices. This manner of keeping a tab on the real-time location of rhinos can vastly help in saving them because rescue teams can be sent to such locations immediately in case of a warning signal due to any untoward incident.

The sensors have a battery life of about three years and cost only $30 dollars.

In developing such a device, Sigfox has collaborated with numerous specialized organizations across the globe.

Don’t you think this is a wonderful invention that can help in increasing the numbers of rhinoceros in the world?




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