Alert for Instagrammers: Melbourne Lake Turns Pink!

Melbourne Lake Turns Pink!

Here is some great news for Instagrammers. You now have the perfect location for your perfect picture!

A lake in Melbourne in Australia has turned a beautiful shade of pink. And while you’d think this is because of pollution or toxicity, you are wrong. It a natural phenomenon that has led this man-made lake at Westgate Park to turn into this magnificent colour.

While the lake is a salt lake, this interesting phenomenon occurs when the salt levels are higher than usual. Factors such as huge amounts of sunlight, lack of rainfall, and high temperatures cause the algae growing in the lake to produce a red pigment called beta carotene through the process of photosynthesis. And this is the reason for the resplendent pink colour of the lake.

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This phenomenon first occurred in 2012-13 and has been occurring each year since. The lake, however, returns to its regular blue colour in autumn when the temperatures go down and when there is more rainfall.

The authorities have confirmed that this pigment is not a threat to the local wildlife. However, visitors have been warned to not come into contact with the water as the high salt content can cause skin irritation.

Interestingly, this is not the only lake in Australia where this phenomenon occurs. In the remote north-west area in Victoria, this is a common occurrence. Lakes Crosbie, Kenyon, and Becking are a few of the lakes where this can be seen.

Naturally, the lake has attracted a slew of visitors who click pictures with this beautiful background. We think we would queue up too! How about you?

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