Russian Baby Rescued after 36 Hours Inside Frosted Wreckage

Russian boy

On New Year’s Eve, a high rise building in the Russian city of Magnitogorsk collapsed followed by a gas blast. The accident has claimed nine lives so far while dozens more have been unaccounted for. The temperatures were sub-freezing and it was 36 hours past the unfortunate incident when someone heard a faint wail that was coming from the frozen rubble. To everyone’s delight, eleven-month-old boy Ivan Fokin, whose house was blown apart, was found alive by the rescue team.

According to the rescue officials, Ivan was found in extremely serious condition. He had fractures, a head injury, and severe hypothermia as the temperature dropped to a fatal low. Regional governor Boris Dubrovsky was quoted as saying by the Interfax News Agency that there was a shred of life left in Ivan because he was in a crib and warmly wrapped.

Ivan’s father Yevgeny termed it as ‘New Year’s miracle.’ This certainly seems like a miracle! We wish little Ivan a speedy recovery.

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