Watch this aerobics instructor doing her workout routine oblivious to the Myanmar coup that unfolded behind her

Image Source: Facebook

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It is not unnatural to be absorbed in doing things that you love most. And perhaps, this is exactly what happened to Khing Hnin Wai, a 26-year-old physical education teacher in Myanmar.

In an extraordinary video that has now gone viral, the first moments of the military coup in Myanmar have been captured unwittingly: Khing Hnin Wai is seen doing an aerobics and exercise routine as the first instances of the dramatic military coup in Myanmar are being captured in the background. In the video, black SUVs that are military vehicles are seen arriving to seize the parliament building.

Khing Hnin Wai, however, is surprisingly oblivious to the dramatic scenes in the background and is continuing with her routine.

She posted the video on her Facebook account, waving and dancing vivaciously to the tunes of a popular dance track.

Soon enough, the post went viral thanks to the ironic and bizarre occurrences: a power grab taking place to some catchy music and dance in the fore.

Later, she posted on Facebook, saying that she had filmed multiple videos before in that location and that she was unaware about what was happening.

“How harmonic with the background music and background scenery!” Khing Hnin Wai said. “Before I heard the news [of the coup] in the morning, the video I made for the aerobic dance competition has become an unforgettable memory.”

“I guess this video is now my little keepsake! As I was dancing, helicopters were going whirl-whirl-whirl, cars going vroom-vroom. With all the guns, I thought someone was aiming at me from a distance. The police chiefs were just smiling and looking at me, even asking me if I was going home and bid me farewell. Please do not copy and paste my video though!”

Watch the video yourself and see incredible events unfold.

One thing that this video certainly teaches us is that 2021 is perhaps one of those years that tells us that we must mask up and just carry on with our lives. Do you agree?

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