The Great Indian Elections

The stage has been set for the general elections in the world’s seventh largest country and largest democracy – India. The first act of the seven-act The Great Indian Elections took place on 11th April in 20 states and union territories on 91 seats. The whole exercise will be completed in 39 days for 543 constituencies. Let’s dive in to know some amazing facts about the massive Indian elections:

900 Million People Choosing Their Government

India has one-sixth of the world population. Politics is discussed at the dining table, at the corners of the street, in the train compartments, and everywhere else. People understand the power of their votes. 900 million people will jointly decide who will represent them in this election, the largest ever number in modern history.

Special Voting Booth for Just One Voter

Each vote counts and the Indian democracy recognizes this fact. In the Gir forests of the Indian state Gujarat famous for its Asiatic lions, the Election Commission has set up a polling booth for just one voter, a temple priest named Bharatdas Darshandas. The polling station is manned by five officials.

Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) a First in 2019 Elections

Voters, for the first time, in the Indian elections will be able to verify which candidate they have voted for. After casting the vote, an automatic printout will be generated by the printing machine that will mention the name, symbol, and the serial number of the candidate for whom the voter has voted. It will be automatically destroyed after seven seconds.

Recognition of the Third Gender

In a first in the Indian general elections, the transgender community will be able to cast their votes as members of the third sex. This election, 38,325 voters have recognized themselves as transgenders. A welcome move to bring the LGBTQ into the mainstream!

Class No Bar to Stand in the Elections

There is no requirement for candidates to possess huge wealth to win people’s trust and support. Here is a case in point. The Chevella constituency of the south Indian state of Telangana has a candidate with an asset size of INR (Indian Rupee) 500 (Nalla Prem Kumar) as well as a candidate with an asset size of INR 895 crore (K. V Reddy).

Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) are Smarter

EVMs are more eco-friendly because they are saying yes to going electronic and no to paper. The voting process has become easier and the results arrive faster.

Try and Try Until You Succeed!

Some candidates have taken this saying very seriously. A candidate from the state of Tamil Nadu has lost 170 elections till date. Don’t you think this speaks volumes of the power of the public?

What if There’s a Tie?

Yes, it has happened in the past. In regional elections in the states of Meghalaya and Maharashtra, there have been instances when two candidates have got the same number of votes. The winners were chosen by lottery! According to the Representation of People’s Act, 1951, it is allowed.

This real life “Game of Thrones” will keep the excitement on of the world audiences until the finale of May 23.

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