NASA is Gearing Up to Explore Jezero Crater in Mars

Jezero crater

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Scientists have always marvelled at the power of Mars to harbour life and they are certain that traces of ancient life on Mars can be found in Jezero Crater – the site of a former delta and lake. NASA, hence, is gearing up to send its next rover to Mars. It will be equipped with a drilling system that can collect and store rock samples. The rover is scheduled to be launched in 2020 and once the samples are stockpiled, a follow-up mission will be launched to collect the samples and return to Earth.

Scientists are also of the belief that Mars wasn’t a barren desert as it is today. In fact, the dormant volcanos stand testimony to intense volcanic activity in ancient times. Considering the dried-up delta at Jezero Crater, liquid water too is believed to have existed on the surface.

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