#MyNewNormal: Indian Actress Sonali Bendre talks about her struggle with Cancer

Sonali Bendre, after completing one year from being diagnosed with metastatic cancer, thanked her fans for their support

Sonali Bendre

Last year on 4th July, Sonali Bendre, a famous Indian actress, broke the news that she had been diagnosed with high-grade cancer. This news left the entire film fraternity and her fans shocked.

She had, however, been undergoing treatment in the USA since the past few months.

What does metastasis mean?

Metastasis is defined as the spreading of cancer cells to new parts in the body through the bloodstream. The metastatic tumour spreads from its original location into different parts of the body.

On completing one year, she put up an emotional post on Instagram thanking her family and fans for their constant support.  Sonali Bendre used a poem written by Rupi Kaur as her caption. “It’s been a year… I can’t tell you how instrumental YOU ALL have been… Thank you for helping me get through this and for helping me #SwitchOnTheSunshine #Gratitude #BeFearless #OneDayAtATime #MyNewNormal,” she wrote.

Sonali Bendre returned to India in December last year after spending nearly six months in the USA for her treatment. She recently shot for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, wearing a pale blue dress and trimmed hair and posing with much confidence and happiness.

In her recent interview, she said, “When my Positron Emission Tomography scan came, the tumour had spread all over my abdomen. I was shattered when doctors told me that there were only 30% chances of it going away.”

She added, “Despite the tragic news, I and my family never lost hope. I knew that it’s going to be a long and rough struggle against cancer.”

Ever since she is back from the USA, she is seen posting motivational pictures and captions about her struggle with this deadly disease. Her life is getting back on track steadily and the way she has battled this disease is an inspiration for everyone around.

She is a beacon of inspiration for all those who are suffering from this disease. Wishing her a happy and healthy life ahead.

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