Montana Firefighters Rescue Dog from ICY River

Firefighters in Whitefish, Montana rescued an unfortunate dog that got trapped into ice-cold water in the Whitefish River. The weakly pup was looking around for help when the rescue workers reached there. Presumably, the dog slipped into the water while it was chasing a deer.

According to the Fire Chief Joe Page, two firefighters responded to the scene. One stayed ashore while the other swam into the water for the rescue. The rescue worker who retrieved the dog was seen wearing a rescue swimsuit in a video released by the Whitefish Fire Department on their official page. It received a huge number of comments, with people applauding this act.

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For those concerned, the dog is fine and it was warmed up while in a ride back to the car. Joe Page thinks that the dog was rather lucky because water rescues at the Whitefish River are uncommon and happen about once a year.

The owner of the dog was overwhelmed by the benevolence of the Whitefish Fire Department. He brought him to the fire station later to thank the crew.

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