Mob of Kangaroos hop through rare Australian snow

While some countries are enjoying the summer, many others are facing the brunt of climate change and facing severe summers.

Australia, on the other hand, is facing some rare snowfall and guess what, the kangaroos are loving the snow.

A video posted online shows a mob of kangaroos hopping merrily on the snow-covered field in Curraweela, New South Wales. The video has been recorded by Stephen Grenfell, who posted it on Twitter. Needless to say, it went viral with thousands other sharing and liking it online.

It’s very rare to see Kangaroos in the snow in Australia. Unfortunately, many parts of Australia have been, lately, experiencing extreme weather conditions ranging from snow to floods. And while we must do something about climate change soon, for now, it looks like the kangaroos are not complaining.

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