Michelle Obama collaborates with MTV to host national virtual prom

Image Source: Gerald Herbert/AP

Recently, the Obamas were in the news for their amazing effort to give virtual commencement speeches for the class of 2020, most of whose graduation ceremonies have been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It would certainly be such a morale booster for the students to hear from these two inspiring personalities.

Now, Michelle Obama has gone one step ahead to host a virtual national prom event for the class of 2020.

The nonpartisan organization of the former First Lady, When We All Vote, is collaborating with MTV and the 2020 Prom Challenge to host this event. The event, meant for students whose proms have been cancelled due to the pandemic, will take place on 22nd May 2020 with an all-day, on-air takeover on MTV. It will feature some prom-themed throwback movies and short-form original content. But that is not all!

The event will also feature live performances from famous artists and surprise celebrity guest appearances.

Earlier in the year, the 2020 Prom Challenge had selected 20 schools across the United States that had successfully integrated voter registration “in the most creative and impactful ways.”

Michelle Obama got onto a Zoom call with the student leaders of these 20 schools this past week, congratulating them for their efforts. This event also seeks to highlight the wonderful work that these schools have done in organizing innovative nonpartisan voter registration initiatives in the country.

The 20 schools that were winners of the competition are:

The Obamas certainly know how to spread some cheer and happiness in these bleak times.

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