Meet the Real Life Tony Stark!

No, this isn’t a scene from the upcoming Avengers – Endgame movie. But this is Britain’s real-life ‘Iron Man’ in action.

Be it the Iron Man series or the Avengers series, whenever Robert Downey Jr. dons the Iron Man suit, we can’t help but fantasize about having a piece of the beast.

Well, your chances of having your wildest dream come true are here, thanks to our real-life Tony Stark – Richard Browning. Son of an aeronautical engineer and grandson of a wartime fighter pilot, Richard has flying in his genes. And he has taken the legacy further by launching his organization, Gravity Industries in 2017.

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Gravity is the company behind the ‘Daedalus Mark 1,’ a suit that can help achieve vertical flight. It uses a wearable flight system with turbine engines mounted to the wearer’s arms and back. Weighing 27 kgs, this 1050 BHP suit allows the wearer to fly up to a speed of 55mph and ascend to altitudes of 12,000 feet.

The suit has been demonstrated in more than 20 countries and has earned a Guinness World Record in 2017 for “the fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine power suit.”

And yes, you too can own the suit! It is up for sale through Selfridges at price of a whopping £340,000 (roughly $442,396).


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