Meet the 73-year-old ‘Skipping Sikh’ who is motivating people to keep fit

Meet the 73-year-old ‘Skipping Sikh’ who is motivating people to keep fit

73-year-old Rajinder Singh from Slough, Berkshire in Southern England was unsure about how he would keep fit as Britain is under a lockdown. But don’t they say, where there is a will, there is a way.

And Rajinder is certainly a testimony to that fact.

Due to the lockdown, Rajinder – a huge fitness enthusiast – was missing his weekly five kilometer runs. Further, he also realized that with most religious places being shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of the Sikhs were feeling isolated and lonely.

And Rajinder thought of a brilliant plan to kill two birds with one stone.

To ensure that he sticks to his exercise regimen and to provide solace and bring a feeling of connectedness to his closely knit Sikh brethren, Rajinder began making videos of him exercising, specially skipping.

“I’m not an expert but if you do five minute skipping honestly it’s like like running three kilometers. Just skipping inside your house or in your garden. You don’t even need trainers, just a rope,” said Singh to CNN Sport.

But it is not just skipping that Rajinder does. He also ensures he does enough of strength training by lifting heavy water cans as well as tyres, and sprinting through his allotment.

These videos have struck a chord with netizens on social media, who have lovingly rechristened Rajinder the ‘Skipping Sikh.’ They have encouraged people of all ages to stay fit and exercise during these tough times.

Originally from the Indian state of Punjab, Rajinder is also doing a huge community service by sharing these videos – he is also raising money for the National Health Services in the United Kingdom.

“Health is wealth and if we stay home and stay healthy, we are actually helping the NHS not just to save lives because of Covid-19 but also from helping ourselves from getting potentially any other illness especially in the Asian community where we suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

“I want to do my bit to help and as a 73-year-old man, I feel so humbled and blessed from the support people are giving me not just in my community from all over the world.”

Have a look at his Twitter profile and follow him for more updates.

Rajinder’s daughter, Minreet Kaur is helping her enthusiastic father upload his videos on social media. She said, “My dad started this fundraiser as the NHS are doing such a brilliant job at saving lives, they are our heroes and they work so hard.

“Whilst people would walk away from this pandemic, they are at the frontline doing an absolutely fantastic job.”

Interestingly, Rajinder has also been heavily inspired by captain Tom Moore, a 99-year-old war veteran who is walking in his garden to raise money for the NHS.

Isn’t it absolutely wonderful to see people of all ages come in together to do all they can to help each other in these trying times? Our salute to Rajinder for his spirit and enthusiasm! We hope he inspired millions across the globe to stay fit and healthy!

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